Trattoblu & Medentis Medical: a beautiful partnership
29-30 April 2022

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Aprile 4, 2022
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Giugno 10, 2022

Trattoblu & Medentis Medical: a beautiful partnership
29-30 April 2022

Trattoblu & Medentis Medical: a beautiful partnership
29 – 30 April 2022
Our first Surgical Anatomy Course preparatory for the treatment of maxillary atrophies, realized exclusively for Medentis Medical GmbH - a leading company in the dental implantology sector - has just ended. The course has been an incredible success!

For many years, the attention of specialists has focused on increasingly extreme and sophisticated reconstructive techniques, in the belief that they will be able to definitively counteract, by improving the quality and quantity of the re-grafted bone, the degenerative processes that are established in the edentulous jaws.

The reality has proved less benevolent than expected, revealing to us long-term results of the grafts much less favourable than expected, especially when we face the cases of so-called “degenerative” atrophies, to which we do not know how to give an apparent cause.

Today, literature and clinical experience lead us to more careful and conservative choices, each time favouring less invasive and more efficient therapies in the cost-benefit ratio.
Knowing the causes of failure is fundamental and is the starting point for any possible future improvement and what we do not deal with today as in the past thirty years must be a reason for reflection for us.

From these considerations the idea of this training course was born, directed, and led by Dr. Francesco Grecchi, Dr. Luigi Stefanelli and Dr. Margherita Leone. A large group of international students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy has enthusiastically attended this course.

Finally, the professionalism of the faculty, the desire to learn and the cordial atmosphere among the participants were the ingredients that made this training event successful.

The gala evening held at a well-known Cremonese restaurant was accompanied by the performance of the violinists Eleonora Matsuno and Ida Di Vita, who enchanted the participants in the land of Stradivari.

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